Tell us your dreams and we make them cardboard.

Welcome to Kraft&Soul!

If you want to decorate your home sustainably and consciously and you are passionate about design, you are in the right place. In cardboard, you will find warmth and endless possibilities capable of caressing your soul.

We hope our work makes you vibrate and helps you fill the corners of your home with the same love with which we create each piece!

We open the doors of our house wishing you to choose that piece that illuminates your face, soothes your soul, and takes care of the planet.

Go ahead, come in and enjoy your choice.

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Personalize each product to make it your own

Sustainability without plastic

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For the curious...

For everything there is a reason…, or several.

Mine is to make life more beautiful. To help make everyday life more pleasant and bring a smile to your face at the least expected moment.

But I, who am an absolute duality, needed something more than just pretty, I also needed usefulness.

So from this combo Kraft&Soul was born. With this brand I would dedicate myself to creating beautiful, warm objects that had a second function, such as a lamp, a shelf or a toy.

I love wood, I like everything about it and that’s why I keep making personal things in wood, it’s difficult for me to give it up completely.

But to create my brand, I needed to banish the guilt that invaded me to fill the world with more objects. We produce and consume beyond our means and the planet’s, so I decided that cardboard would be the material that would govern my venture. It has a much lower environmental impact than other materials, is highly recyclable, lightweight, easy to work with and incredibly strong.

In addition, I would produce on demand, I like that each project can be personalised and be more and more yours and less mine.

So, here’s a little piece of my soul, if you want to know more, shoot, I’m ready to answer you.

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Enter the Kraftshop, explore each of the rooms in my house and choose your favourite. 

From lamps that light up your space to toys that fill the hearts of the little ones with joy. The seed of Kraft&Soul wants to create objects that fill a little space in your home and in your heart and that the day they no longer fulfil their purpose, they can be recycled and disappear quickly and respectfully, leaving the smallest possible footprint.

Lámpara de cartón. Decoración sostenible
Custom cardboard boxes ideal for gift or babies
Cute things for home made of cardboard, like racks or penholders