About K&S

about Kraftandsouldesign

About kraft&soul design

Kraft&Soul Design is a company dedicated to sustainable decoration. This would be the short definition that would give you an idea of what we do.

But I’m sure you didn’t come to this page for me to tell you just that. We all like to know who is behind those beautiful things that catch our attention and what moved them to do what they do, right?

So to begin with, I’ll tell you a brief story:

“Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to be an artist and create. Time went by and that dream faded away due to routine, rushing, the desire to please, and tremendous deafness towards her deepest self, until, once again, time turned everything upside down and forced that little girl to look inside herself and feel what her essence was.

She lived another revolution with her motherhood and with it, her passion was reborn, that of creating beautiful things capable of making us smile.
That girl is Raquel, mother, graduate in Psychology, graduate in Fine Arts and compulsive creator.

I put a little piece of my soul into each product and far from diminishing it, it is getting bigger and bigger. I hope that a part of it is in your home and that you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating every detail.”

But you may have some more questions about Kraft&Soul?

Why cardboard?

I love to create and I am indeed in love with wood, its smell, its touch, its infinity of colors… everything makes me crazy about it, but there came a moment in my life that made me rethink the legacy we are leaving to those who come after us. I didn’t want to fill the planet with useless objects or objects that are difficult to make disappear once they have fulfilled their function and I thought that there could be another material that could also be warm, versatile, and more recyclable than wood.

Our idea is to create objects that fill a niche in your home and your heart and that the day they no longer serve their purpose, they can be recycled and disappear quickly and respectfully. Hence the choice of cardboard and paper to give life to our creations and LED lighting in the case of lamps.

Our process

In the processing of the cardboard, we cut it with laser, because our hands are not strong enough to achieve a finish like the one we are looking for and we use non-toxic vegetable products for their union.

And with all this, I hope to have solved the doubts you had about my brand and if you have any more, do not hesitate to contact us through our email: kraftandsoul@kraftandsouldesign.com

I hope you like our work and that you throw it into the blue garbage can when its life has come to an end 😉

P.S.1.- Of course, LED lights do not go to the blue garbage can, take them to the eco-park for proper processing.

P.S.2.- If you have an idea in your head and you would like us to make it real on cardboard, write us and tell us about it, we will be very happy to create it for you.