The magic of printable decorative artprints: Beautify your home and thrill your soul.


Today I am excited to share some wonderful news: we have expanded our online shop with a whole new section full of beauty and creativity. In response to your request for cards to decorate the little corners of your home, I’m happy to show you the new printable decorative artprints.

Up until now I have been dedicated to offering you unique and creative design items made from cardboard. I love working with this sustainable and versatile material to create pieces that embellish our homes and become used toys or real works of art. But to be honest, I had the Kraft part of the name covered, but I was missing the Soul part a bit. Now, with the new section of printable decorative prints, I want to bring you a little bit closer to my inner self, I hope you will discover a new level of charm and creativity.

I firmly believe that your home can be a beautiful reflection of your personality and style, and decoration plays a key role in creating a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere. Printable decorating sheets are perfect for adding that special touch to any space, especially in our children’s rooms or play spaces, but also in a nursery or playroom.

láminas decorativas para imprimir abecedario


Firstly, the love with which I have created them, but yes, maybe love is not what you’re looking for… Secondly, because with just one click (the download is instant), you can access a wide range of designs, from vibrant illustrations for your better half, to charming lettering, perfectly suited to your tastes and needs.

The ability to print these prints at home or at your local print shop gives you incredible flexibility. In our quest to offer sustainable design, this way we boost local commerce and help reduce our carbon footprint. You can choose in person the size, the type of paper and finally decide how and where you want to display them in your home. You can frame them, hang them with clips, double-sided tape or even create a gallery on the wall. The possibilities are endless, and each configuration will reflect your unique style and personality.

This new section of printable prints has been created with children in mind, but that doesn’t mean they’re limited to children’s spaces. These prints can also be the perfect touch in your living room, bedroom and even your workspace. They add a dose of joy and creativity to any environment. Gradually I will be adding more designs and target groups. 😉


I want your home to be a haven of love, warmth and beauty. I believe that decoration is an artistic expression and a way of transmitting emotions and values. My decorative prints have come to inspire you to create spaces that make you smile, fill you with positive energy and invite you to dream.

So, I invite you to visit our online shop and explore our new section of printable decorative prints. Let yourself be captivated by the magic of decoration and the possibility of creating a home full of charm and personality.

Let your imagination fly and give warmth to your home.

ilustración digital my sunshine

A hug to the soul!

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