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We start November with the beginning of the blog.

I was thinking of doing a thematic entry, but once I got started, I thought it would be more appropriate to do a welcoming one, the first of many more that I hope you will enjoy, entertain and contribute.

The blog begins when I feel a bit more settled, the project is rolling and I have been able to focus on writing. At the beginning it would have been ideal, but in this wonderful world of entrepreneurship, things are not always perfect and you have to move forward with what you have at the moment.

Kraft&Soul arose from a personal need, to reconcile, not to depend on someone else’s boss and the desire to create cool things, but also to do it in a conscious way. Concern for the planet must be ever greater, and as an account I met on Instagram (@yaeshaceralgo) says, what less than “doing something” that has as little negative repercussion as possible.

My goal: to create beautiful objects from the soul, (although I don’t deny that I also do what my son demands of me, why not admit it). I love that children are the source of inspiration for the objects or toys they are going to use, so I invite you to challenge me and propose objects that you will enjoy as children.

For this I looked for a sustainable solution and my choice was cardboard, as it offers very good characteristics both in its creation and in its recycling and is increasingly becoming an ideal option for design.

As I just wanted to “start” I won’t go any further today, if you want to know a bit more about me, here you can delve a little bit into my soul ;). Have a nice day and try to make your footprint in the world as deep but ecological as possible.

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