Do you want a sustainable sign for your business?

There are few companies that do not dream of having their corporate image on the door, on the facade or on the table. Generally we love to see the image of our brand or our business so that the rest of the world can see it, so that they can locate us and also that it is not just a mere poster, but that it conveys our essence.

I love to make your corporate image in cardboard, it gives it a vintage feel and contributes a small grain of sand to take care of the planet. I like to recreate your designs and give them a three-dimensional and sustainable life.

On this occasion I have had the pleasure of materialising the logo of some great professionals such as Estudio R3. If you have the kitchen of your dreams in mind, contact them because they will make it come true. In their words:

“Estudio R3 is a young company, created by professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the world of kitchen design. With Roberto Ruíz at the helm, we have inherited a strong family tradition and vocation that has been our main source of inspiration over the years. We enjoy doing our job by offering creative and functional solutions..”

Roberto wanted his logo and an adaptation for the entrance to his showroom; something not too big, discreet and sustainable, of course. It’s always a challenge to make small things with text because cardboard, with all its strengths, also has some weaknesses and one of them is the very small pieces, but I couldn’t like the result more.

In the end it is the details that fill the space, it is the small things that shape our personality and reveal our soul.

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