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In writing this post, I was reminded of Oscar Wilde‘s well-known play “The Importance of Being Earnest” (yes, in my multipotentiality, I am also a theatre lover). Now the plot is beside the point and I’ll just stick to the title, but I can already tell you that the translation of its title into Spanish, and therefore “its name”, is somewhat controversial.

As parents, we spend days, weeks, months, or even years thinking about the name we will give our children. There are also those who decide on the name just by looking at their baby’s face. But, in any case, part of the happiness of our offspring may depend on this decision for moments or eons.

Every year, lists are published with the most common names of boys/girls of the previous year. There has always been, and still is, although it seems to be less so, a tendency for our offspring to extend our existence by sharing our name. It is also common to choose a name because it reminds us of an important figure in history or in our personal lives. In any case, we almost always end up looking at a list that gives us ideas and helps us to decide on such an important choice.

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When we think about a person’s personality, we usually think that their childhood, their education, and their environment will influence them, but we rarely realize that the choice of their name itself may be part of this construction. Obviously, it is not the issue that has the most weight in the creation of personality, but although some studies conclude that simple names make life easier (since you don’t have to constantly clarify and correct your name to others), we also tend to trust what is familiar to us, rather than what is different; other studies say that having a peculiar or different name corresponds to greater professional success and the use of different and more creative resolution strategies.

We name everything that matters to us, it is often said that what is not named does not exist, and in order to name it, it must have a name.


Without the need to delve much deeper into scientific articles (allow me the professional deformation that always ends up in magazines of this type) once the name has been decided, I don’t know about you, but I would love to see it and have it in a million different forms:

From Kraft&Soul I try to give you a solution to all of them, but I’m open to any idea you come up with, no matter how crazy it may seem (in fact, the more challenging it is, the better I enjoy it, really). Of course, in cardboard, personalized, sustainable, and very cool. 

I think my kid is going to end up hating his name because of me. 

If you want to have yours, I invite you to take a look at the different options in the shop, select the color you like the most and choose your favorite or favorites, jjj.

If you are thinking about what name you are going to give him/her, you are still in time: think it over, mature it and decide conscientiously, because it will accompany him/her for the rest of his or her life (unless he/she dislikes it so much that will change it as soon as he/she can ;)).

A hug to the soul


P.S. – here are some links with curious information about names at a psychological level, there is everything, varied, for all tastes.




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