How to fill in the Advent calendar?

calendario de adviento con nombre


 It’s great to decide to have an Advent calendar and to start counting down the days until the expected date of Christmas, but it’s true that there are days when our imagination runs out and we are overwhelmed at the last minute without knowing what to put for the next day.

As in almost everything, planning is the key, and leaving aside procrastination (is a great word). But how do we achieve this?

After the 1, the 2, jjj. The idea is easy, we will do it by organizing what we are going to put beforehand to have everything under control from the beginning and avoid surprises and unpleasantness.

As I was there last year and I admit that some days it was a bit difficult to find the surprise for the next day, I thought I would give you some ideas to put inside each little house.

In my case we had a very easy wild card and that is that we love chocolate, it is not the “healthiest” but it could be worse ;), so some days the solution was a square of chocolate, no more (it was the solution for the days of our absent-mindedness). It was that simple and that effective, it lasted a jiffy, that’s for sure.

The post-it notes also became good allies. As the little one couldn’t read yet, drawings were the means of communication and by means of doodles, we planned:

  • afternoons in the park,
  • cinema session,
  • craft afternoons,
  • cool walks in the woods,
  • meeting up with friends,
  • having their favorite meal for dinner…

You could say to me, but we do that all the time, don’t we? Maybe, but it all depends on the magic you wrap it up with, for example, finding a park that you have never been to and that is cool, or that he really likes and that you haven’t been to for a while, a visit to an exhibition that might be interesting, preparing Christmas decorations and decorating the house… You have to stretch your imagination and get out of your comfort zone a little bit.

There were material gifts, of course, it’s not all about experiences and “ethereal” things. As I love stationery and we like painting at home, an assortment of erasers, pencil sharpeners, and small paints was also a good idea.

And yes, some of those little toy figures for less than 1€ were also included, they fit great in the little house and are very cool, but we tried not to make them the majority of surprises, otherwise, lowering the level of gifts would cost a lifetime! Let’s think that Christmas is coming up and it’s usually already loaded with gifts. In total, you could not spend a euro on surprises, but I think that without spending more than 5€ you can have a lot of options.

And I don’t think I’ve left anything out, but since there are as many ideas as there are people, tell me, what would you put in the little houses?

PS – If you want to get your Advent calendar, don’t think too much about it, I’ll be closing the deadline for ordering it on 14 November so that it arrives at your house on time.

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